Company profile

In the current economic climate the worldwide process of innovation which concerns not only production and distribution processes but more generally management methods, overall organisation and working practices means that output must therefore be harmonised with the variable demands of the market.

EIFEM Elettronica has organised its production and processes to the highest standards in order to satisfy a variety of changing demand with particular emphasis on high levels of quality and flexibility in both products and services. EIFEM is therefore your ideal partner for realising your ideas, projects and production needs.

EIFEM Elettronica has been trading for over 25 years, backed by a financial group which has invested in various technological sectors both in Italy and abroad, it is now an established force in the production of electronic cards and other devices featuring SMD and PTH components and in the supply of design, before and after-sales and product re-engineering services to its customers.

EIFEM è quindi il vostro Partner ideale
per la realizzazione delle vostre idee, dei vostri progetti
e delle vostre necessità produttive.